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Postado em 11 de September
Anonymous: you okay, honey?

No… I wish I was, but I’m not…

Postado em 10 de September
Anonymous: I love your blog <3

Aww… Thank you, anon sweetie. <3

Postado em 21 de August
Anonymous: To me, you are perfect. I'll go on loving you with my wasted heart until you look like a shriveled up corpse.

I am far from perfect… though I know well the feeling of seeing someone as flawless when induced by desire… but please, anon. I am not worth any tear shed of second thought of that takes from your time.

Postado em 21 de August
Anonymous: All night I sit and pray for you to be mine. One day, our paths will intertwine. Until then, my dear, keep your heart safe and please don't push me past the line.

Dear anon… you will find your true love… I assure you. Everyone has someone waiting for them. Maybe one day we shall meet, but you mustn’t wait on me. -hugs-

Postado em 19 de August
Anonymous: Well, it's a little complicated. Basically, I have a crush on my best friend. Now the complicated part: she's female. We've hung out so many times just the two of us and it felt great because we got to know each other more. This is when I realized I liked her more than just as a friend. One time she gave me her old bus pass just to go to the mall with me because she wanted to be there on the bus with me to "protect me". I also do not know her sexuality and dont want to scare her.

Hm… I had a similar situation once, but I didn’t know the girl very well. I think, if you wish to know her sexuality before confessing attraction, just in case, maybe try somehow bringing it up in a subject, y’know? Like… the subject of sexuality in general. Maybe politics, band members, of the sort. Does she know your sexuality? How does she feel about the LGBT community?

Postado em 19 de August
Anonymous: Hi, I'm looking for some advice but I want to do anon. Do you think you can help me?

Sure, I’ll try as best I can. c: And no need to worry about being on anon — I don’t mind.

Postado em 18 de August
Anonymous: Interlude : A song makes you want to punch someone in the face

Hmm… The Ghost of You. Because everyone always fucking plays that song, and it depresses the living shit out of me, so when I try to block it out, they’re like “Do you not like this song?” and I say “I do like it, it just depresses me is all.” AND THEN THEY PLAY IT LOUDER, IT’S LIKE, FUCKER, DO YOU WANT TO MANIPULATE MY FUCKING EMOTIONS. NO. I WILL KICK YOUR ASS.

Postado em 17 de August
Anonymous: from tumblr means you havent met the person in rl that doesnt count then

I depends on the person, I guess. I count “from tumblr” as anyone on tumblr, so…

Postado em 17 de August
Anonymous: how is it a crush from tumblr if you know the grl in rl

Because she has a tumblr too. ._. And so she’s technically “from tumblr”.

Postado em 17 de August
Anonymous: how do you even know shes str8 you cant assum things like that

I asked her, saying it was out of curiosity… which is somewhat true. ._. I don’t assume sexuality, mainly for the reason that it’s offensive.

Postado em 17 de August
Anonymous: what if it does becom a big deal what will you do then youll be in trouble

Well, it’s not like I’d have the chance anyways — she’s straight. And I let my girlfriend know about it too, I felt guilty feeling attracted to someone else, and she agrees it’s nothing big. Her and I both know how I am. It’ll eventually wear off.

Postado em 17 de August
Anonymous: it is still good to let ppl know if you like them cus crushes dont mean much just a hey i like you are your a good person kinda thing

Oh, I let her know plenty of times how funny and smart and adorable she is. I try to at least make sure she’s happy.

Plus, I don’t see the need to say “I like you” if you’re in a relationship. Even if she did swing for my team, my girlfriend and I are very close, and have been through a lot. I don’t see an end to it any time soon, honestly.

-shrugs- Just my honest opinion here. It’s not like a big burden on me or anything.

Postado em 17 de August
Anonymous: Having a crush on someone is stupid if you don't tell them its like being ashamed or something and thats mega bad

I have a girlfriend, brocini, who I love deeply.

It’s a small crush; nothing big. I’m not ashamed of liking her — I just don’t want her to feel awkward, since she’s straight. We’re friends, we talk, it’s not this big attraction that makes me think about her day and night or anything.

Who knows? Maybe the feeling will eventually fade, but I’ll always have a fondness for her.

Postado em 17 de August
Anonymous: a f o z

A. Crush on anyone from tumblr.

Well, besides my girlfriend? Uhm… I won’t lie, I do have a guilty crush on someone, but I won’t say who. I know them irl so it’d be awkward, plus she’s straight.

F. My favourite movie.

Finding Nemo. I don’t know why, but I have such a strong emotional attachment to that movie.

O. My eye colour.

So, I can honestly say I don’t know. Most of the time, blue. But my eye color has been known to be green, blue green, blue, blue grey, and grey. I think it depends on a mixture of lighting and even my mood.

Z. How are you?

Tired, a tad bit stressed for school, thirsty, excited that I’ll be able to have alone time with my girlfriend soon after about a month, and full of Frerard feels.

Postado em 12 de August
Anonymous: You are everything to me.

;_; -hugs-